How to Setup Netgear Wifi Extender?

Mywifiext is the official website for getting help to set up and configure Netgear wifi Extender. Furthermore, the Netgear range extender efficiently improves your home wifi network’s range and quality of coverage by connecting to your existing network. Moreover, mywifiext enables its users to update the Netgear extender’s settings. Amongst other things, it also allows the installation and configuration of range extenders. Moreover, this provides the easiest and the most simple ways to set up the Netgear wifi extender. Therefore, if you are looking to perform an effortless Netgear Extender Setup, you must visit the official website of mywifiext, i.e., Mywifiext. Since it is the official and default web address to follow the procedure of Netgear Extender Setup, you may want to proceed further by reaching the official website of mywifiext.

However, when a user reaches the official website of mywifiext, they will see a window that will require them to log in by entering their username and password. Thus, the user will see a Netgear genie page after successfully logging in to set up their Netgear wifi extender. Therefore, now the user can modify the settings, perform other required operations, and configure the Netgear wifi extender. However, in this blog, we will provide you with information on how to perform the Netgear extender setup to configure your Netgear wifi extender.

Netgear Wifi Extender

Instructions to Set up Netgear wifi Extender -

  • Firstly, you need to plug in your Netgear extender. Once you do that, the power LED will light up. However, if your power LED does not light up, please press the power ON/OFF button.
  • Connect your mobile device or computer with the extender’s wifi network. Please note that the default name for the extender’s wifi network (SSID) is NETGEAR_EXT. Furthermore, the extender network either has no password and will connect automatically, or the default password is PASSWORD.

Note: It is expected that your device might tell you that the internet is not available. However, it would be best if you kept the wifi connection.

  • After this, open your web browser and enter or in the address bar. You will see a New Extender Setup page.
  • Further, click on NEW EXTENDER SETUP. If you are asked to accept the terms and conditions, please click on “YES” or “I AGREE.”
  • Next, you need to choose the admin credentials for your Netgear wifi extender. However, you need these credentials to access the extender settings.
  • Note: You should leave the default username as ADMIN and choose a strong password that differs from the wifi network password.
  • Now, a drop-down menu of security questions will appear in front of you. Select two out of them and answer those questions. However, these questions will be used to recover your account if you forget your extender’s admin credentials.
  • After these steps, click on “NEXT.” Furthermore, if your extender asks if you want to use the Netgear genie for help, tap on “YES” or “CONTINUE.” Now, your extender will search for local wifi networks. 
  • Now, you need to choose the radio buttons for your network’s 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi Network. If you do not see your wifi networks, click on “SEE MORE.”
  • Further, click on “NEXT.”
  • Now, enter the current network’s password and click on “NEXT.”
  • Next, select the SSIDs and passwords for your Netgear extender setup.
  • NOTE: Netgear extender uses the name of your current existing network with the suffix _2GEXT for the 2.4GHz band and _5GEXT for the 5GHz band. Also, the password for each band will be the same as your existing network, by default.
  • This is optional for mesh extenders: you get the option to use the same wifi name and password as your currently existing wifi network. Furthermore, you can enable this feature by ticking the “ENABLE ONE WIFI NAME” check box. However, this feature will only be available if your extender supports it.
  • Now, click on “NEXT.” It will take a few minutes for the extender to apply your settings. Further, the Netgear wifi extender will display the wifi network name (SSID) and password for each of your extender’s bands. You must take note of these.
  • After this, go to the wifi settings in the device you want to connect with the Netgear wifi extender network. Then you connect it to the extender’s new network.
  • Finally, go to your web browser and select the checkbox located at the bottom of the web page. Then, click on “CONTINUE.” Now, your Netgear wifi extender is extending and improving your wifi Network’s coverage at your home. Therefore, the Netgear Extender Setup is complete.

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